My Journey

When I was younger, I struggled with several health problems; general practitioners, dermatologists and allergists were unable to find the underlying cause of my condition. Years of being prescribed endless supplies of routine antibiotics and creams, only masking the real issue, gradually grew tiresome. At that point, I had started to gain more interest in living an overall healthier lifestyle and decided to take matters into my own hands. With the encouragement of a very dear friend of mine, I enrolled myself into the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. The education I acquired taught me about the body’s innate ability to repair and rejuvenate itself given proper nourishment and holistic methodology. With my new gained knowledge I was able to rebalance my body systems, allowing time to replenish and restore equilibrium. I am now proudly a Registered Holistic Nutritionist certified by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and practicing in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I continually grow more passionate about whole, nourished living; involving body, mind and spirit. I am determined to help guide others toward a healthier, happier, wholesome lifestyle.