Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Health Benefits of Bone Broth

There’s been a lot of hype about bone broth the last little while – and for a good reason! Homemade bone broth is a gelatine-rich, nutrient dense superfood and it’s a wonderful addition to a healthful diet. It contains abundant nutrients and minerals that assist in repairing the intestinal lining, joints and cartilage. In addition, it helps improve digestion, reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

Rejuvenating Properties of Bone Broth

  • improves digestion
  • nourishes, soothes and repairs the intestinal lining
  • reduces overall inflammation in the body
  • by reducing inflammation, it assists in easing arthritis and joint pain
  • aids in alleviation of allergies and food sensitivities
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite
  • supports proper growth of infants and children
  • easy to digest and assimilate during periods of illness or impaired digestion
  • supports the immune system
  • nourishes bones and cartilage

* There’s a variety of ways to incorporate bone broth into your every day diet. Drink it on its own, add it to soups or use it in place of water when cooking grains to add a little extra flavour! Bone broth makes an amazing base in several different recipes, try using it as a substitute when making sauces or gravies. It’s also a great source of nourishment when you or the little ones are feeling under the weather. Drink it on its own or with a few lightly cooked vegetables and you’ll get your bounce back in no time!


3 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Bone Broth”

  • I really enjoy consuming bone broth! It has reduced my rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain a lot. I also used to be sensitive to specific foods. I believe that the bone broth has improved my digestion. It seems that I have more energy now that I’ve added bone broth into my daily diet. What do you think about drinking bone broth with a garlic pill for more health benefits? I might try it out.

    • I’m one for fresh, whole foods whenever possible. I myself just lightly fry up a few cloves of minced garlic in some of the fat from the bone broth before adding in the broth itself. I love the additional flavour it provides along with more nutritional benefits and immune support!

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